The GJB homogenizing pump has widespread applications. It is a diverse piece of equipment that can homogenize liquid materials or convert liquid materials into high-pressurized spray mist.
(1) Applicable for the food and beverage industry for the making of products such as dairy ice creams, sauces, jams, cocoa, coffees, juices, food additives, and vegetable protein drinks.
(2) Applicable for cosmetics such as facial cleansers, lip sticks, skin lotions, hair conditioners, perfumes, shampoos, and hairsprays.
(3) Applicable for the crushing of yeast as well as all types of fungi and algae.
(4) Applicable for the pharmaceutical industry in the making of products such as intravenous fluids, oral liquids, creams, sugar-coating for pills, and fat emulsion.
(5) Applicable for the chemical industry for the making of product such as pesticides, paints, sterilized emulsion dyes, resins, rosins, rubber latex, lithium grease, and lubricating oil.

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